Toronto, Ontario – Guide to Finding CBD Oil Stores for 2022

Looking for CBD oil in Toronto is one of the easiest things to do in the GTA. Thanks to the legalization of recreational cannabis nationwide, anyone can quickly access and enjoy CBD oil. Furthermore, Toronto is a metropolis where you can pretty much find everything you want. 

You can do it all, from finding a cannabis dispensary to hanging out with your buddies while enjoying CBD. The next time you are visiting Toronto, don’t forget to enjoy CBD products to make your experience much better. Here is the guide to buying all the CBD oil products that you will ever need.

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Top Retail Stores for CBD oil in Toronto

These days, we live in an economy where online shopping is becoming the norm. However, it may make more sense to buy CBD locally. In many cases, buying locally means you’ll get your CBD oil faster. Usually, brick-and-mortar stores will have what you want in stock.

Also, if you have questions about CBD oil products, store owners/employees are happy to answer them, as they possess extensive knowledge in this area. Lastly, buying CBD oil from a store near you helps support the local economy. When you do this, your money circulates with greater intensity, aiding many people/families in your community.

Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana
435(B) Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario

In Toronto’s CBD scene, Canna Cabana isn’t the newcomer you think they are. Back when legal cannabis was but a pipe dream (2009), this company was founded in Calgary.

Soon after legalization, the people behind Smoker’s Corner rolled out plans to open a chain of cannabis stores. And shortly after Ontario’s market was thrown wide open to the private sector, the first Canna Cabana opened in downtown Toronto.

In this shop, they sell a good selection of cannabis products, including the CBD oils you want to get. But they don’t stop there – they also sell a wide range of accessories like pipes, grinders, and more.

Lastly, this store is located in the Church and Wellesley gay village, making it a handy place for LGBT smokers to stock up.

HIQ Cannabis

1444 Dupont St, Unit 20, Toronto, Ontario
(416) 921-0688

Don’t let HIQ Cannabis’s office park location kill your buzz. Get past this retailer’s drab exterior and a lush interior awaits you. Within, this shop’s modern (almost Scandanavian) design turns CBD shopping into a posh affair.

But this location’s design isn’t a foil to hide lacklustre inventory – HIQ has a broad collection of CBD products. These include usual suspects like tinctures, gummies, and vape oil, but more exciting options like sparkling beverages and teas.

Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique

294 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario
(416) 551-8420

As one of Toronto’s most walkable neighbourhoods, the Danforth is chock full of restaurants, bars, and shops. And lately, that diversity has expanded to include CBD shops.

The Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique is one of these stores. Located in a heritage shopping block, this dispensary is a bit on the small side. However, this is deceiving, as belies its large collection of CBD products, which include oils, capsules, and vape cartridges.

But this isn’t just another cannabis retailer, as the Green Merchant goes to great lengths to bring the local community together. In their store, they regularly host events like cannabis cocktail tasting sessions, video game tournaments, and more.

Friendly Stranger

237 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario
(416) 591-1570

Like Canna Cabana, Friendly Stranger has a history of fighting for cannabis legalization. Since 1994, the ownership group behind this rapidly growing chain had lobbied all levels of government to decriminalize the use of jazz cabbage.

In those days, they were based on Queen Street West. Today, they are still there, but unlike then, the CBD they sell today is 100% legal.

Given their history, you’d expect this store’s inventory to be epic. And on this count, Friendly Stranger doesn’t disappoint – they have a huge selection of CBD options, including pre-rolls, flowers, and an endless assortment of edibles.

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Nova Cannabis Queen Street

Nova Cannabis
499 Queen Street W., Toronto, Ontario
(416) 364-2321

Hailing from Alberta, Nova Cannabis was one of the first chains to touch down in Toronto after the market went private in 2019. For downtown residents, their location at 499 Queen Street West allows for easy access. The store is open Monday – Saturday 11 am to 9 pm and Sundays 11 am to 6 pm.

The cannabis shop sells a solid selection of cannabis products, including CBD oil, edibles, and creams. Now, as a chain, they offer a plentiful selection from all the major cannabis brands. However, this comes at the cost of less selection from boutique brands – if you are looking for these CBD products, stick to smaller, local-run outlets.

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke
1180 Queen W (one of six locations in Toronto)
(647) 341-8688

This slick cannabis retail store brand has a bunch of locations in Toronto and is expected to keep expanding. They are currently allowing click and collect, for purchases made online, at this store, and some of their other locations.

Tokyo Smoke says that their stores are places where warm, frank, and accurate conversations about cannabis take place. So, If you’re looking to try CBD oil, CBD capsules and other cannabis products, especially higher-end edibles and flower, then this is a smart place to start.

The store is open Thursday – Saturday 10 am to 10 pm and Sunday – Wednesday 10 am to 9 pm, making it a great choice for customers who are working late downtown.

Dutch Love Cannabis

1316 King St W, Toronto, Ontario
(416) 504-6420

Much like a smooth lager, there’s nothing like some CBD to take the edge off a long day. So it makes sense that the Donnelly Group, a firm that runs a variety of pubs/restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto, would move into the cannabis space.

Shortly after legalization, they did that with Dutch Love, their nationwide chain of cannabis shops. In their dispensaries, you’ll find products made by a variety of brands. From 7ACRES’s flower to Zippo’s lighter fluid, chances are good you’ll find something you like.

Hotbox Cannabis Shop

The Hotbox Shop
206 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Ontario
(647) 350-4769
Email –

Amsterdam has long been known for its coffeeshop scene. Despite their name, these establishments had long been placed where you could consume cannabis in public.

And now, Toronto has its first legal equivalent to Dutch coffeeshops in the Hotbox. Actually, this place had served as a cannabis lounge long before it was legal. But with legalization, they’ve been able to come out of the shadows.

But you can’t buy CBD in the lounge – for that, you’ll have to go next door to the Hotbox Cannabis Shop. Within, you’ll find plenty of CBD and THC prerolls, as well as non-smoke CBD products like CBD oil, CBD cream beverages, and edibles like CBD chocolate bars.

The Honey Pot Cannabis Co.

The Honey Pot
202 Queen Street West (one of four in Toronto)

On April 1st, 2019, The Honey Pot Cannabis Co. opened the first privately-run cannabis store in Toronto. Since then, the company has expanded, but its original location has retained its charm.

Within, this Honey Pot location is spread out over multiple floors, giving them plenty of showroom space for their cannabis accessories, and their THC and CBD products. On their menu, you’ll obviously find CBD oil, but they also offer CBD chocolate bars, CBD gummies, CBD cream and other topicals.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic

Apollo Cannabis Clinic
2352 Yonge Street (one of 3 locations in Toronto)
(416) 840-5991

Not everyone wanting to buy CBD oil or THC products is looking for a good time. For some, their only motivation is to feel better. These customers are best served by medical cannabis dispensaries like the Apollo Cannabis Clinic.

Start by booking an appointment on Apollo’s website. Then, on the day of your appointment, bring your OHIP card. When your name is called, a doctor at Apollo will evaluate your condition and recommend a treatment regimen.

After that, don’t expect to go home with your CBD oil. Instead, you’ll order your CBD and other cannabis products through Apollo for home delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions – Buying CBD Oil in Toronto

Visitors to Toronto often have questions about CBD isolate, CBD gummies and various CBD hemp oil. With all the changes after legalization, we don’t blame you. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the commonly asked questions from visitors to Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario.

How Can I Buy CBD Oil in Toronto?

Virtually all the dispensaries in Toronto carry CBD oil products. Having said that, some brands may sell out, so call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Do I Need a Prescription for CBD Oil in Ontario?

As of October 2018, adult-use cannabis became legal in Canada. While CBD oil products can be obtained through a prescription under the medical cannabis program, you can also buy it on the recreational market. As long as you are 19 or older, you’re good to go.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the Province of Ontario?

Yes. So long as you buy your CBD oil products from legal retail cannabis stores or via a medical cannabis dispensary, you are acting legally.

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Any Provincial Cannabis Regulations I Should Know?

There are several provincial cannabis regulations you should be aware of. First, you must be 19 to consume cannabis products in Ontario. Second, residents of Ontario are allowed to grow four plants per household. And third, cannabis/CBD oils consumption is permitted in most places where cigarette smoking is allowed. That said, regulations can vary from one municipality to another, so ask a local if you are unsure of the rules where you are.

Which CBD Products are Popular in Toronto?

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. As such, it’s hard to pin down whether one CBD product is better than another. That being said, CBD oil tinctures are always popular, as it has long been a delivery medium for this cannabinoid.

However, CBD edibles are surging in popularity, as drinks, chocolate, and candy serve as a fun way to take this substance.

Suggested CBD Oil Suppliers That Deliver to Toronto

While cannabis shops are plentiful in Toronto, it’s also easy and convenient to order CBD oil online. If you buy from the provincially-operated online cannabis shop, they offer free shipping, and subject to volume, these orders arrive rather quickly. But if you’re willing to pay, you can get your CBD oils on the same day.

Now, there are private online CBD dispensaries in Canada. However, many of these are based in British Columbia. This added distance can add time to shipping, but with numerous vendors selling unique, high-quality CBD oil products, the wait is often worth it.

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Final Thoughts

Toronto is a major world city. Because of this, you can find just about anything you could ever want or need. For a time, this didn’t apply to CBD oils , but now that cannabis is legal, the options to find the best CBD oil in Toronto are exploding, and we couldn’t be happier!

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