Vancouver, BC – Where to Find CBD Oil in 2022

You won’t be surprised to find many high-quality CBD oil in Vancouver. As most know, British Columbia is the largest producer of cannabis in Canada. In fact, after the legalization of cannabis, finding cannabis across the country as a whole is so much easier now.

If you plan to visit Vancouver soon, you can easily put CBD on your list when shopping in the city. To help you even further, you can read this detailed guide to sourcing high-quality CBD products in Vancouver, BC.

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Top Retail Stores for CBD oil in Vancouver

Cannabis has been an integral part of Vancouver’s culture for decades. As such, local dispensaries are becoming as plentiful as pharmacies are.

With the recent legalization of CBD and cannabis products, these shops have become an even bigger part of the local economy, providing much-needed jobs and revenue. Furthermore, these shops are great places to find locally-made CBD oil and other cannabis products.

So if you’re looking for CBD oil in Vancouver, be sure to check out the following dispensaries.

UEM Cannabis

UEM Cannabis
1605 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC

Since 2012, UEM Cannabis has been providing customers with CBD products and the knowledge to use it. Until recently, they only offered their services to customers in Van City. But since legalization, they’ve expanded their footprint to Langley as well.

Now, if you’re expecting an Apple Store experience, you’ll be disappointed. Their location in East Vancouver is quite basic and humble, but despite this, you’ll find a great selection of CBD oil, edibles, and pre-rolls/flowers.

If you’re in a rush, use their click-and-collect service. Select what you want, and on arrival, phone the store from outside. Once your order is ready, they’ll walk it out to you or your car.

Evergreen Cannabis Store

Evergreen Cannabis Store
2868 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
(604) 900-1714

Evergreen Cannabis was the first licensed retail store in Vancouver post-legalization. But Evergreen’s story didn’t begin in 2018 – this dispensary has served the Kitsilano neighborhood for many years prior.

Like many other cannabis stores in Vancouver, you’ll find an abundant selection of CBD products like tinctures, concentrates, flowers, and pre-rolls. But the aspect that sets this store apart from others is its relationship with the Portland Hotel Society (PHS).

This NGO works to provide housing for marginalized groups in the Vancouver area. Evergreen Cannabis donates 100% of the proceeds from their branded merchandise to help this worthy cause.

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THC Canada – Cannabis Store

THC Canada
6416 Main St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 499-8420

THC Canada is a cannabis store located along Vancouver’s Main Street corridor in the city’s southern reaches. Officially, this store opened shortly after legalization, but unofficially, they were plying their trade for many years before.

If you’re looking for a mind-blowing experience from the moment you step in the door, come here. Past customers have likened this shop to a cross between a spaceship and the Apple Store.

This store is great for CBD newbies because their knowledgeable staff will take the time to answer all your questions about CBD. This isn’t a platitude – the staff has extensively tested their merchandise, so they have personal picks that they’re happy to recommend.

On their menu, THC Canada offers an extensive selection of CBD products that include tinctures, capsules, topicals, CBD vaping supplies, edibles, and much more.

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary
1182 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, BC

The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary is another OG CBD shop in downtown Vancouver. Since 2008, they’ve provided their membership with top-tier medical cannabis. Now, this place isn’t like recreational stores – you have to become a member before you can make a purchase.

However, the effort is worth it, as their expertise in pairing CBD products/cannabis strains to varying medical conditions is second-to-none. They even offer CBD for pets – this is significant, as these products can be nearly impossible to find in general retail locations.

Currently, you can drop by their Thurlow location to shop in person, but they also offer a mail-order service.

BC Compassion Club Society

BC Compassion Club Society
2995 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC
(604) 875-0437

The BC Compassion Club Society is a not-for-profit organization that has served the Vancouver area since 1997. What started as a small group of people helping those with HIV/AIDS has morphed into one of the most significant providers of medical cannabis and CBD in Van City.

This store focuses on CBD and THC products in three main forms: flowers, oils, and capsules. However, they also offer hash, extracts, and even CBD bath salts!

What’s great about this store is that they have a compassionate approach to CBD that goes beyond just the product. For years, their clientele has included patients with chronic and terminal illnesses. If it’s understanding you seek, you’ll find it here.

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Muse Cannabis

Muse Cannabis
3039 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
(604) 423-4248

Muse Cannabis strives to inspire a journey of discovery and perspective through cannabis. With a focus on family and community, their customers can expect a welcoming, educational, and safe environment to explore CBD and other cannabis products.

Located on Granville Street in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, it’s not surprising that Muse offers a boutique shopping experience. Soon after you walk in, its warm wood floors will set your mind at ease.

In Muse’s display cases, you’ll get to see the various accessories and CBD products on sale. These include CBD oil, capsules, seed, edibles, CBD skincare products, and more.

Village Bloomery

Village Bloomery
1540 W 2nd Street, Suite #206, Vancouver, BC, Canada

This popular cannabis store is all about local producers. While the Village Bloomery contains most major CBD products, you’ll also find flowers, CBD oils, and other items made by micro growers. Additionally, Village Bloomery has artisan pipes, bongs, and other hand-crafted products for sale.

Located at the east end of West 2nd Ave, the Village Bloomery is a stone’s throw from the Granville Island market. As such, you can get your weekend grocery shopping done, then stroll over for some “special greens”.

City Cannabis Co.

City Cannabis Co.
610 Robson Street

Located in Downtown Vancouver on Robson, City Cannabis is a convenient stop for those taking advantage of this street’s world-class shopping. Like the rest of the shops in this flashy district, it features chic modern design.

And we’re not just talking about heavy wood tables, whitewashed walls, and faux greenery – this shop also features smelling jars and super cool vacuum delivery tubes.

In addition to these pre-roll delivery devices, you’ll also find CBD products in the form of CBD oil, CBD capsules, edibles, and even CBD iced tea!

Dutch Love (Formerly Hobo)

Dutch Love
1173 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 423-4204

While many of the shops in this guide are indie boutiques or local chains, CBD stores with national reach can also be found in Vancouver. Of these, Dutch Love is among the most prominent.

Because of this, their well-designed stores sell all the usual cannabis products, like CBD oil, edibles, and popular accessories. Here, you’ll reliably find major CBD brands, but the availability of micro grow products may be lacking.

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Trinity Tree Cannabis Co.

Trinity Tree Cannabis Co.
4529 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC
(604) 221-1535

Trinity Tree is a newcomer in the Vancouver CBD scene, as they only opened their doors in 2020. Not only do they have a focus on conventional cannabis products, but Trinity Tree also carries full-spectrum CBD oil from MediPharm, a brand highly sought-after by medical cannabis customers.

While you can stroll into their West Point Grey location (situated at the doorstep of UBC), they also offer free delivery. According to Trinity Tree, your package will be sitting on your doorstep in 90 minutes or less.

Suggested Suppliers for Delivery in Vancouver

If you do not want to walk into a cannabis shop in Vancouver, there are numerous online options at your disposal. Luckily, many online-only stores (to say nothing of local dispensaries that also offer delivery) are located in British Columbia. As a result, shipping times are usually quite quick.

Most of these online vendors provide access to some of the best CBD oil suppliers in Canada, including Lazarus Naturals, Joy Organics, and RE: Botanicals. Generally, these online shops will offer lower prices than you’ll find in retail stores, but always comparison shop.

Frequently Asked Questions – Buying CBD Oil in Vancouver, BC

Is CBD Oil Legal in Vancouver, BC?

Buying CBD oil from any of the legal recreational cannabis stores in Vancouver is completely legal. As long as you buy from a licensed retail store and licensed producer of CBD oil products, you’ll be completely good to go.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD Oil in BC?

You do not need a prescription to buy recreational cannabis in Canada. That said, medical cannabis clinics can connect you with CBD products that will best meet your needs.

How Much is CBD Oil in BC?

CBD oil prices vary widely depending on the supplier and the CBD concentration. The cheapest CBD oils sell for around $12 a bottle in BC, while the priciest options come in at $80 a bottle or more.

What is CBD Oil Good for?

CBD oil can be used for a variety of conditions and is helpful in reducing various symptoms. For example, many people use CBD oil to help get better sleep, reduce persistent problems with discomfort, and reduce blue moods.

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Final Thoughts

Lovingly known as Vansterdam, Vancouver is home to one of the better stoner cultures in North America. With a long history of growing BC Bud, local producers in this area are some of the best you’ll find, so seek them out when shopping for CBD products in Vancouver.