CBD Cream Canada: Complete Buyer’s Guide

The use of CBD cream in Canada is a popular alternative to CBD oil. The reason being is it’s easy to apply the lotion topically to the affected area.

If you’re looking for some CBD cream Canada, we have some fantastic products already vetted to save you time. Enjoy learning about CBD creams in Canada in this ultimate buyer’s guide.

CBD2Heal CBD Cream

$79.99 CAD

Save 20% – code: PUREST

Full Spectrum CBD Relief Stick – 1000mg

$89.99 CAD

Save 20% – code: SELECT

Full Spectrum CBD Relief Cream 1000mg

$89.99 CAD

Save 20% – code: SELECT

The Best CBD Creams in Canada

For those who haven’t tried out CBD creams before, this is a great place to start. If you have already enjoyed the benefits of improved skin health, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

More than just creams, there are CBD ointments, salves, and other topical products such as CBD bath bombs. All of these products are designed to be directly applied to your area of concern.

Beyond CBD, you’ll find these salves packed with beneficial ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

Generally, people love CBD ointments for numerous reasons, including improved skin health and reductions in muscle and joint symptoms bothering them.

By reducing inflammation, these CBD salves can have some incredible benefits for tension and discomfort. We have sorted through the options out there on the market and brought you only the best CBD creams in Canada.

Cream (Healing Salve)

CBD2HEAL Healing Salve 1000mg – $79.99 CAD

*Use code PUREST to save 20% at checkout

This pure CBD cream is a healing salve containing 1000mg of CBD from 100% organic hemp grown in Canada. The ingredients include beeswax and essential oils. Fully crafted in Toronto, Ontario, this salve promotes natural relief from aching and stiffness. This product is third-party laboratory tested and available in peppermint scent as well.

Relief Cream

Full Spectrum CBD Relief Cream – 1000mg (2 oz) – $89.99 CAD

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This full spectrum CBD relief cream contains 1000 mg in a 2 oz container. It is derived from organic hemp grown in Canada and third-party lab-tested. The cream is specially designed to alleviate muscle stiffness and joint aches, making it possible to do activities without any difficulties. Many users choose this cream because it can be applied topically to the area of discomfort.


Full Spectrum CBD Relief Stick – 1000mg – $89.99 CAD

*Use code SELECT to save 20% at checkout

Made with the finest full spectrum CBD, this CBD stick provides users with a quick and effective relief. The product is made in Canada from organic hemp and contains 1000 mg of third party lab tested CBD. This product comes in a 1oz container and is designed to be portable and discrete so you can carry it anywhere with you. 

Tattoo Aftercare

CBD2HEAL CBD Tattoo Aftercare 250mg – $39.99 CAD

*Use code PUREST to save 20% at checkout

This tattoo aftercare cream combines CBD isolate and all-natural ingredients. Just a few of these include cocoa butter and green tea, which help this cream to reduce tattoo-related inflammation. All you got to do is apply it topically for get relief from sunburns and dry skin also. Verified by third-party laboratory testing. Inside each 1 oz containers, you’ll get 250mg of CBD. Further questions can be sent to the company email address.

How To Order CBD Cream Canada

The products mentioned above all ship via Canada Post through Xpresspost. This means you’ll get your CBD cream within 2-3 business days of when it is shipped.

We have some of the most commonly asked questions answered below. That said, do not hesitate to reach out to these producers with any questions you may have.

Make sure you pay attention to all the ingredients included, and how they interact to promote better skin and joint health. The producers can help explain this if you don’t find the answers you seek.

There is a growing selection of topical CBD products available through provincially-operated online shops and physical retail stores. But this offering pales in comparison to what you can find online.

Always buy from a reputable brand with positive reviews. Also, don’t forget to check for third-party laboratory testing for purity and potency. Luckily, we already did most of this work for you with the suggestions above.

Reasons Canadians Choose CBD Cream

With the weather and lack of sun that we get in Canada, maintaining good skin health is a constant battle. Canadians have increasingly recognizes just how beneficial CBD creams can be.

Keep in mind, that CBD ointments are meant for external application, at the place of your problem. For example, sore muscles and joints are great chances to use CBD salves.

Do not expect the broad effects of consuming a CBD oil, however, as this CBD will not reach your bloodstream. This is why topical CBD is used for specific targeted areas, like dry and inflamed skin. Don’t expect mood-boosting or sleep-promoting effects from CBD when used topically.

You still have some questions? We have the most commonly asked questions already answered for you below.

CBD Cream Canada Q&A

Is CBD cream better with THC

Sadly, we cannot say for sure due to limited amounts of clinical research. For those who are looking to enhance the entourage effect, having more than one cannabinoid inside the cream may have benefits.

Does CBD cream get into the bloodstream?

As we quickly mentioned above, the answer is no. The CBD compounds face literal barriers in the skin that will prevent much if any of this happening. That said, there are ‘transdermal’ topical CBD products that have additional ingredients to help get the CBD further inside.

Often you’ll see these as patches. If you want CBD in your blood, go with one of the other great product options, like full spectrum CBD oils.

Does CBD Cream interact with medications?

Based on what you’ve already learned, you may know that the answer is no. Now, if the medication is a topical cream, like a corticosteroid ointment, then the answer is maybe. Consult your physician if you have medical conditions or use medications and want to use CBD.

Does CBD Cream help sore muscles?

Yes, this is one of the best benefits of using CBD salves. Check out some of the great products listed above and find out for yourself how beneficial a CBD ointment can be for sore muscles.

Is hemp cream the same as CBD cream

No, these are entirely different products. Creams made from hemp or hempseed oil do not contain any CBD. On the other hand, CBD creams are made from the extraction of CBD from hemp flower and other plant parts.

Is CBD Cream legal in Canada?

Yes, as of cannabis legalization 2.0, topical CBD products are legal in Canada. That said, these products must be purchased through a licensed retailer and made from a licensed producer.

Closing Thoughts on CBD Cream

There is so much more to CBD that just oils, as you’ve learned in this ultimate buyer’s guide to CBD cream. We have sorted through the options out there and provided you with the best CBD cream suggestions.

Finally, you at this point have probably gotten answers to most of your questions, all in one place. Any further product questions should be sent directly to one of the CBD ointment producers listed above.