Winnipeg, Manitoba – Stores Selling CBD Oil in the City

Winnipeg has really upped its CBD game thanks to legalization of cannabis in Canada. This means no more having to pick from one unnamed bag of weed.

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba. The city is centered around The Forks, a historic site where a historic site the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet.

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Sadly, the province of Manitoba does not allow home growing or public consumption of cannabis. But, you can still buy CBD oil from numerous stores nowawadays.

Since legalization of Cannabis in 2018, getting CBD products in Winnipeg is easier than ever, and legal. In the following guide to finding the best CBD Oil in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you’ll get all the facts you need to know.

Top Retail Stores for CBD oil in Winnipeg

There are more stores than ever in Winnipeg thanks to legalization of cannabis in the fall of 2018. To help you sort through the options and find the best cannabis shops in the city, we created this guide for you.

The Garden Variety

The Garden Variety
655 Sterling Lyon Parkway, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Garden Variety Cannabis shop is said to have the best cannabis, accessories, and service in the industry. The location listed is not the only one, but it is right beside the IKEA.

Customers love the atmosphere and CBD product offerings at these stores. Check out what CBD oils they have and see what these ‘Mood-makers’ they keep talking about in regards to their staff.

Meta Cannabis Co

Meta Cannabis Co.
420 Madison St, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 515-1255

The cannabis shop called Meta Cannabis has several locations in Winnipeg. Meta considers itself to be a hub, helping to connect the parts. Meta declares themselves to place to go for modern cannabis consumers.

Customers enjoy the decent product offerings combined with friendly staff and a clean location. We picked this one out of their multiple locations because of it’s awesome address. It also happens to basically be the size of a shipping box sitting in the middle of a parking lot, definitely worth a visit.

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825 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 663-5777

Cannafam is said to be the largest retailer of full spectrum hemp CBD products in Winnipeg. This brand focuses on providing the finest selection of CBD products.

Customers love how knowledgeable this staff is about CBD, just about as much as they love the CBD products themselves. This education center is located in northeastern Winnipeg.


120 Osborne St, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 515-7723

Tweed is Canada’s leading source for all things cannabis. This well-designed shop is one of several Tweed shop locations. You’ll find a wide selection of CBD products at this store open 10-10 Saturday-Wednesday and 10-11 on Thursday and Friday.

Customers love the click and collect service for how quick and efficient it is. Furthermore, the staff is knowledgable and the store offers delivery options.

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke Exchange
264 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 515-7756

Tokyo Smoke has a selection of sleek stores to meet your CBD needs. This slick store also comes with friendly and helpful staff. The store has a solid selection of CBD oils and other CBD products.

The offer free shipping on orders over $99 or shop online and pick-up in store. This location is centrally located in downtown Winnipeg, making getting to the store quick and easy.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

All legal cannabis products in Canada are made by licensed producers. Furthermore, these products are sold online or in-store through licensed retailers of cannabis products. If you purchase CBD oils through this channel, you are acting completely legally.

Suggested CBD Oil Suppliers That Deliver to Winnipeg

While shipping times can be longer in Winnipeg than they would be in Vancouver, you can still get CBD products shipped to your door. There are numerous online dispensaries that offer competitive prices, vast varieties, and easy ordering processes.

That said, you must have enough time in Winnipeg to wait for the delivery, which can take 5-7 business days. Many of these products ship to Winnipeg from British Columbia, hence the additional time needed.

So, if you have the time to wait for delivery, you can find some great options for ordering CBD oil online. Just like any other time you buy online, make sure you buy from a reputable brand that comes with many positive reviews.


You got questions, and we got answers. Before heading to Winnipeg and enjoying what it has to offer, get some answers to your questions. Explore the most frequently asked questions about Winnipeg below.

How much is CBD Oil in Winnipeg?

CBD oil prices are heavily influenced by the potency of the product. That said, the prices can range from as low as $30 for smaller bottles (around 30ml) and go up to $95 or more for potent CBD oils.

Do you need a prescription in Manitoba for CBD?

No, adults can buy CBD in Manitoba without needing a prescription. We can thank cannabis legalization in the fall of 2018 for this fact. That said, there is a medical cannabis program in Canada for those who qualify. In these cases any Canadian with a medical authorization is able to purchase CBD.

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Does Walmart sell CBD Oil?

No, not in Canadian Walmart locations. The American versions do sell some limited CBD oil options, however. In Canada, only licensed sellers of cannabis can sell CBD.

Can you buy CBD oil in Costco?

No, Costco does not sell any CBD oil in Canada. Only licensed retailers of cannabis that sell cannabis products, including CBD oil, in Canada.

Is it legal to purchase CBD oil in Manitoba?

Yes, CBD has been legal in Alberta since Cannabis legalization in Canada in the fall of 2018. All adults can purchase CBD oil through licensed retailers of cannabis.

What kinds of CBD products are in Winnipeg?

As the capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg has some of the best CBD options in the entire province. Through online sellers, you can find many CBD products. Many of these CBD oils come from producers in BC. In Winnipeg, you can get CBD oil, CBD cream, CBD vapes, CBD bud, and even CBD isolates.

5 Experiences not to Miss in Winnipeg

If you’ve made it all the way to Winnipeg, you better make the most of it. It is true that this small city may have less to offer than Toronto and Vancouver, but it still have a great selection to offer. We have sorted through the options to provide you with the top 5 experience not to miss in Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Museum

The primary focus of the Manitoba Museum is the human and natural history of the province. With 9 permanent galleries along with a highly interactive Science Gallery and Planetarium, there is plenty for the whole family packed inside. Plus, if you like old stuff, they have a 95-million-year-old Pliosaur fossil for you to enjoy.

This shopping and entertainment district is named after the meeting point of two rivers in Winnipeg. You’ll find plenty of historic buildings, including the main building that is The Forks Market. Inside, it has vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and ready to eat meals.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

This state of the art landmark is a more recent addition to the city. Inside, you’ll learn all about human rights topics in Canada and beyond. With over 11 galleries inside, there is more than enough to keep you busy for a day.

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Festival du Voyageur

If you happen to be in Winnipeg in winter, you might be asking yourself why? One of the best reasons to be in Winnipeg in February is the Festival du Voyageur. This winter festival is suitable for families and is filled with plenty of entertainment and activities. By far the best being the giant ice and snow sculptures made each year.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Shaped like the bow of a ship, this modern art gallery has over 25,000 pieces. This collection includes classic and contemporary art by Canadian and Inuit artists. Located nicely in downtown, this art gallery happens to be the oldest one in Western Canada.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, everything you need to know before heading to WInnipeg, Manitoba. You now know where you find the best CBD oil and other CBD products. Furthermore, you have discover just a bit of what this wonderful city has to offer. Finally, while Manitoba may not be known for cannabis, it is certainly getting used to legalization quickly.