Regina, Saskatchewan – Retail Stores Selling CBD Oil

If you know where to look, it’s very easy to buy CBD oil in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. For such a small centre, there is a lot of sprawl, making it easy to hide the 20+ CBD stores that are located here. This guide will give you an idea of where to look to find the best deals.

Despite its small population of 230,000 people, you can see the city from many miles away. No, it’s not your imagination – the prairies around Saskatchewan’s capital really are that flat. So, to save you from running around town too much, we put together a guide to the best places to buy CBD oil in the city.

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Top Retail Stores for CBD Oil in The City

By Canadian standards, Regina is a small city. And so, it can be tough to find independently owned and operated CBD shops. But despite this, it’s important to patronize these establishments over national chains.

Here’s why: Independently owned CBD shops are more likely to carry CBD products made by local micro growers. Because of the care that goes into these products, they are likely to be of higher quality than mass-produced CBD oils.

Also, family-run CBD shops are likely to offer more personalized service, something that’s harder to find in bigger chains. Finally, money spent in local CBD stores is much more likely to stay and circulate in the community. Because of this, the local economy will benefit more from your purchase than if you had made it at a national chain.

With that in mind, check out the top CBD stores in Regina below.


4554 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 992-0092

Wiid is a locally-owned cannabis chain, with most locations being in Regina. Because of this, they are more likely to have a wider variety of boutique CBD products that includes unique bongs, pipes, edibles, and CBD oil tinctures.

However, this company’s friendly staff is Wiid’s biggest advantage. Over the past few years, this chain managed to get some of its employees to switch careers for the opportunity to work in the CBD industry. On their webpage, each staff member promotes their favourite product – a sure sign of an engaged workforce.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.
680 E Victoria Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-5340

Fire & Flower is a national retail chain that boasts over 100 locations nationwide – including one in Downtown Regina. As with all the other stores under this brand, this shop has a sleek and open layout that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

This company places an emphasis on education. As a result, you’ll likely find the staff to be very helpful when it comes to finding the right CBD product for your needs.

From prerolls to CBD gummies and chocolate, all the major cannabis brands can be found here. But to save as much money as possible, be sure to check the latest deals on Fire & Flower’s website before placing your order.

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The Joint Cannabis Shop

The Joint Cannabis Shop
926 Victoria Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 522-7473

While cannabis has only been legal in Canada since 2018, The Joint Cannabis Shop has served customers in Regina and across the Prairies since 2007. Starting out as The Joint Tobacconist & Glass Gallery, fine smoking accessories are their strong point.

However, as the Joint Cannabis Shop, they can now offer a wide variety of CBD products. These include things like CBD oils, capsules, and vape pens. But if you have no clue about what to get, their knowledgeable staff stands ready to help you find the right CBD products for your wants & needs.

Can’t come into the store directly? Take advantage of their “free shipping on orders over $100” offer!

Lucid Cannabis

Lucid Cannabis Regina
681 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 522-3731

Lucid Cannabis is an emerging national cannabis & lifestyle brand in Canada. With 11 locations open across Alberta (and one here in Regina), they have aggressive plans to expand to BC, Manitoba, and Ontario in the near future.

As a result, it’s no surprise their Regina store has the same sleek modern feel that other national chains have. Also, you’ll find a great selection of mainstream brands of CBD oil, flower, edibles, vape liquids, and other cannabis products.

This shop also gets great feedback for the prices they offer versus their competition. But while they offer excellent everyday prices, check online for sales so you can save even more!


1501 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-9333

As the retail arm of cannabis giant Canopy Growth, it’s expected that Tweed has a presence in Regina. Of their two locations, the one on Albert Street is more centrally located.

Once inside, you’ll find the same features that every Tweed location boasts – modern (almost Scandinavian) design, smelling jars, and display cases filled with high-quality smoking accessories.

As for their CBD selection, there are only Canopy Growth brands available. And mostly, it’s the house brand, Tweed. As a result, if you’re looking for selection, this store isn’t the best place to shop.

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Farmer Jane Cannabis Co.

Farmer Jane Cannabis Co.
3881 Rochdale Blvd D, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-7925

Starting a business is tough. Even in lucrative markets, owners have to overcome a variety of obstacles. In smaller cities like Regina, these hurdles are even harder to jump, as well-funded national chains can easily drown out smaller voices.

And yet, Farmer Jane has thrived from its start in the Queen City. To date, they have opened eight locations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. But it was at their Rochdale store where it all began. Here, you’ll find quality CBD products, both local and national in scale.

Behind their counters, they stock a variety of CBD oils, vapes, pre-rolls, etc. that will keep you coming back to try what you’ve missed. And their atmosphere also stands out for its down-home, country feel. This place is not another Apple Store clone, and you’ll feel that from the second you step inside.

The Bakery Cannabis Shop

The Bakery Cannabis Shop
4049 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 527-9694

Bad news: The Bakery Cannabis Shop is not a bakery. Good news: this indie CBD store does sell CBD-infused brownies and lemon poppy seed cake.

And like all other cannabis stores in Regina, they also sell the usual prerolls, CBD oil tinctures, and vape cartridges. But in keeping with their bakery theme, they also publish blogs on their website that teach customers how to make their own infused treats at home.

They also offer periodic “bake sales” where you can save up to 30% on selected stock, so check their website before paying a visit to their Albert Street location.

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Suggested CBD Oil Suppliers That Deliver to Regina

Some of the above-suggested stores will allow you to shop online and get products shipped to your door. But if they don’t have what you’re looking for, there are legal online-only CBD stores you can shop from.

Luckily, many of these online dispensaries offer shipping guarantees and use Canada Post or Purolator for their shipping needs. If you have the time to wait for delivery, which can take up to 5-7 business days, then you can save some money.

Make sure you only buy CBD products from licensed online retailers with plenty of positive reviews. By taking these precautions, you can ensure you get high-quality products shipped to you on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to questions that are frequently asked by people looking for CBD oil in the city.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Saskatchewan?

Yes. CBD has been legal in Saskatchewan since 2018. If you’re 19 or older, you can access CBD oil through licensed cannabis retailers throughout this province.

What is the Best CBD Oil Right Now?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best CBD oil for each individual depends on their needs and preferences. Some CBD oils are better for relaxing and winding down, while others are intended to treat chronic conditions.

To find the one that’s best for you, take an inventory of your needs, and talk to a budtender about it. With this background, they’ll be able to recommend a CBD oil that’ll work best for you.

What is the Current Price of CBD Oil?

The price of CBD oil varies depending on the potency of the product. That said, the prices can range from as low as $11-12 for smaller bottles (around 25-30 ml) and go up to $85 or more for the most potent CBD oils.

However, given the current economic environment, it’s likely that prices will rise in the short term. But as of March 2022, the above figures were accurate.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD Oil in Canada?

No. CBD is not a controlled substance in Canada, so you don’t need a prescription to buy it. However, if you choose to smoke your CBD, ensure that you are in compliance with municipal and private bylaws before lighting up.

What are the Best CBD Products in Regina?

Just like in any other city in Canada, the best CBD products in Regina are those that meet your needs. Some people prefer cannabis products that are high in CBD and low in THC, while others prefer the opposite.

To find out what the best CBD products are for you, talk to your local budtender. They possess the experience and knowledge needed to find the perfect product for your needs.

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Final Thoughts

At first glance, Regina seems like a hard place to find boutique CBD oil products. However, as we’ve shown, there are a few spots where you can buy unique local cannabis products there.

Thanks for reading our guide to Regina’s CBD scene – we hope you found it helpful!