Regina, Saskatchewan – Retail Stores Selling CBD Oil

Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, has a name that rhymes with the exact word you are thinking right now. While many may point out the treeless flat plain landscape and small population of Regina, the city has plenty to offer.

The province of Saskatchewan does not allow public consumption of Cannabis. That said, Regina is home to several retail cannabis stores. Fun fact, the area used to be called Wascana (or Buffalo Bones in Cree).

The city of Regina, Saskatchewan is thankfully now home to several cannabis stores since legalization occurred in the fall of 2018. Just don’t expect a metropolis hub, as this city is beautiful but it only has about a quarter-million people.

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Top Retail Stores for CBD oil in Regina

Lucid Cannabis

Lucid Cannabis Regina
681 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 522-3731

Lucid Cannabis is an emerging national cannabis & lifestyle brand in Canada. The store is all about first impressions, so head to this location to figure out what yours is.

The cannabis shop is open 10-10 every day. Customers report positive reviews for this shop, including the store’s vast selection and great staff. Once you walk inside, you’ll see why people love the store design.

Farmer Jane Cannabis Co.

Farmer Jane Cannabis Co.
3881 Rochdale Blvd D, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-7925

The business works hard to source some pretty good weed, as they say. This shop has a solid offering of CBD oils, vapes, pre-rolls, and more. Farmer Jane was created by close friends and family who were raised in the Queen city, and the store represents everything Saskatchewan.

Customers love the atmosphere and incredibly friendly staff. The shop is located in the northern part of town, with close access to the highway. People who have been to the store have called it refreshingly quaint.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.
680 E Victoria Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-5340

Fire & Flower is a retail chain with several locations, including this one centrally located in Regina. They now offer same-day delivery in Saskatchewan as well, so you don’t even have to come visit. But, if you do, you’ll likely love the sleek and open layout.

The staff is said to be very helpful and kind, able to help you find what you’re seeking. You’ll find a great selection of CBD products at this cannabis shop. The store is open 10-10 Monday-Saturday and 11-7 on Sundays and holidays.

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1501 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 559-9333

Tweed is a national retail chain that has two locations in Regina. Customers love the central location of the store we have listed above. The store is open 10-10 Monday to Saturday and 10-8 on Sundays.

The store is located right in the middle of downtown, so it is a hard place to miss if you’re going to be in Regina. Reviews indicate that this store offers a vast selection and great customer service. Find the best CBD oils, vapes, and buds in store.

Wiid Boutique

4554 Albert St, Regina, Saskatchewan
(306) 992-0092

The Wiid Boutique is a family owned and operated cannabis shop in Regina. They are proudly independent and not part of a chain. Furthermore, they are locally born and raised, for a true Regina experience.

Reviews rave about this location, including the great prices, vibes, and friendly staff. The cannabis shop is located in southern Regina, but it seems worth the trip. Finally, they are open 10-10 everyday.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Regina, Saskatchewan?

You can legally purchase CBD oil in Regina through any licensed producer in Canada. These products must be purchased online or through licensed retail stores. As long as you follow these tips and use the cannabis shops suggested here, you’ll be completely free and clear.

Suggested CBD Oil Suppliers That Deliver to Regina

A few of the suggested store will allow you to shop online and get products shipped to your door. Furthermore, there are numerous other options for buying CBD oils online, as long as you have the time to wait for shipping.

Luckily, many of these online dispensaries offer shipping guarantees, and use Canada Post or Purolater for their shipping needs. If you have the time to wait for delivery, which can take up to 5-7 business days, then you can save some money.

Make sure you only buy CBD products from reputable online retailers with plenty of positive reviews. Taking some general precautions can help make sure you get the high-quality products you want shipped to you on time.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Saskatchewan

For visitors to the province of Saskatchewan, you likely have questions. Don’t worry we got you covered with answers to the frequently asked questions about Saskatchewan.

What’s the price of CBD oil in Saskatchewan?

The price of CBD oil varies depending on the potency of the product. That said, the prices can range from as low as $28 for smaller bottles (around 25-30ml) and go up to $85 or more for the most potent CBD oils.

Is CBD oil illegal in Saskatchewan?

No, CBD has been legal in Alberta since Cannabis legalization in Canada in the fall of 2018. All adults can access CBD oil through licensed producers and retailers of cannabis.

Any limits on CBD possession in Regina?

In Saskatchewan, the maximum public possession amount is 30 grams per legal-aged consumer. For those wondering, you have to be 19 years of age or older to be legal-aged.

Is CBD oil available in Shoppers Drug Mart?

Shoppers Drug Mart does have a medical cannabis program that sells CBD oil. This is only available to Canadians with medical authorization. They do not, however, see any recreational CBD oil.

What are the Best CBD Oil Products in Regina

As the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina has more to offer than just about anywhere in the province. There are numerous fantastic CBD oil products you can buy online, shipped in from other Canadian provinces. Through cannabis retailers, you can find the best CBD oil products that the Canadian market has to offer.

5 Experiences not to Miss in Regina

While not quite the cultural hub that Vancouver or Toronto are, Regina still have plenty to offer for those lucky enough to visit. We have sorted through the options to provide 5 of the best suggestions for experiences you must have while in Regina.

Mackenzie Art Gallery

One of several attractions inside the Wascana Centre, this art gallery has eight galleries and over 100,000 square feet of space. They have more than 3,800 artworks inside, along with numerous other fun activities to enjoy. The focus is on Western Canadian Art, with numerous historical and contemporary works of art.

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Regina Floral Conservatory

This indoor green space has more than enough greenery to offer for the plant lover in us all. With both a tropical and seasonal settings, inside is a cozy spot to get away from the snow. This tremendously relaxing place is full of lush greenery, wonderful scents, and the calming sounds of a waterfall.

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Who doesn’t like sports, am I right? This museum is small, but it is packed full of interesting items for the sports lover inside of you. It is located in a heritage building next to Hotel Saskatchewan. Finally, there are some fun interactive exhibits to enjoy.

Regina Farmer’s Market

Open on Wednesdays and Sundays, this farmer’s market is the place to go for fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget, they have coffee, crafts, and more as well. Generally located in the City Square Plaza, they have an indoor space for when it is needed.

RCMP Heritage Centre

Have you ever wondered how the RCMP (The Royal Canadian Mounted Police) got their name or their overly red uniforms and funny hats? This is the place to find out. Since all Canadian RCMP officers end up training in Regina at some point, this is the obvious place to showcase the history of this national police force.

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Final Thoughts

Congrats on making through this guide to finding the best CBD oil in Regina. By now, you have learned all about the best cannabis shops and sights to see in Regina. With this information, you are now all ready to enjoy what the province of Saskatchewan has to offer.