Edmonton, Alberta – Places to Buy CBD Oil in the City

While more well known for their oil industry than CBD oil industry, Edmonton, Alberta has become a great city for find the best CBD oil.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and one of the most populated cities in the province. Visitors to this city might be wondering where to get the best CBD oil. Thankfully this task is easier than ever, and this guide will get you the facts needed.

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Alberta has become home to the highest number of retail cannabis stores in all of Canada. This is the case even though Alberta is home to the fourth-highest number of citizens out of the provinces.

Edmonton is a sprawling city that is completely designed around driving. Visitors may find public transit options to be severely lacking, and distances hard to travel without a vehicle. That said, as Canada’s self-proclaimed Festival City and as home to the largest mall in Canada, there is plenty to keep you busy.

Top Retail Stores for CBD oil in Edmonton

As mentioned already, the province of Alberta was quick to open retail cannabis stores, and still has more open than any other province by far. This means that you’ll have plenty of options to purchase CBD products.

In this guide, we’ll help you sort through these options to find the top cannabis shops with the best CBD oils.

Made in Cannabis

Made in Cannabis
1803 91 St SW Unit 105

Made in Cannabis is a local retailer in Edmonton, Alberta. The business proclaims to be passionate about all aspects of cannabis from seed to sale, education, advocacy and responsible usage.

Customers love the educated staff, solid product offerings, and great service. The location is in the south of Edmonton, but is on the way if you’re coming from the airport heading downtown.

Newleaf Cannabis

Newleaf Cannabis
9522 Ellerslie Rd SW, Edmonton, Alberta (one of 3 in Edmonton)
(780) 784-8087

The cannabis shop called NewLeaf Cannabis feels that “it’s time to embrace a new cannabis narrative.” This chain has multiple locations, with the one mentioned above being located in southern Edmonton. Great for stopping by on your way in from the airport.

The shop may be small, but the staff are knowledgeable and said to be very friendly. You can find a solid assortment of CBD products inside this little shop.

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Nova Cannabis

Nova Cannabis Store
Nova Cannabis Riverbend Square
548 Riverbend Square, Rd NW, Edmonton, Alberta (1 of 9 stores)
(780) 752-2931

The Nova Cannabis retail shop chain has numerous locations all around Edmonton. Consumers report great selection of CBD products and very helpful staff.

No matter which location you head to, you’ll get the same high-quality customer service from this brand. Nova Cannabis knows that there is more to cannabis then getting high, and so you’ll find plenty of CBD oils inside.

Plantlife Cannabis

Plantlife Cannabis
2217 101 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta (one of multiple locations)
(587) 523-4433

This Plantlife Cannabis location is in the South Edmonton Common, but there are other locations as well. This licensed cannabis shop offers great customer service and high-quality buds.

The company also has a great website full of useful information, including Edmonton cannabis regulations for you to review. We’ll explore these ourselves below. You’ll find a solid selection of CBD oil and CBD bud inside these stores.

Cannabis House

Cannabis House
6964 76 Ave NW #20, Edmonton, Alberta
(587) 520-2852

The Cannabis House is proud to be locally owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta. The location provided above is found in the southeastern portion of the city. This is one of four locations in Edmonton.

Customers report returning to this store for the great prices and customer service. Furthermore, the company website is fantastic, and offers you a great chance to preview the products you’ll find, including CBD oils.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Edmonton, Alberta?

Buying CBD oil from legal recreational cannabis stores in Edmonton, Alberta, is completely legal. That said, CBD must be bought from a licensed producer and retail store for this to be true. Luckily, as we discussed, there are numerous options to do so.

Suggested CBD Oil Suppliers That Deliver to Edmonton

For those who do not want to head to a retail cannabis store, you can order CBD products to be delivered directly to you. Ensure you have enough time in your stay for this option to work.

Several of the dispensaries mentioned above offer online ordering as an additional option. Furthermore, you can buy CBD oil from the provincially-operated online shop.

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If you decide to buy CBD oil online, here is what you should consider. Firstly, ensure they do in fact ship to Edmonton. Save yourself some time by finding this out before you fill up your cart and checking out.

Secondly, make sure the online dispensary is legit. With so many options to pick from, the fact remains that some of these are rather sketchy. Ensure you buy from an online dispensary with plenty of positive reviews. And finally, if you want to be absolutely certain, go with the provincially-operated cannabis online platform.

Commonly Asked Questions About Alberta

For visitors to the province, there are probably several questions you already have in your head. In the following sections, we’ll explain the answers to the frequently asked questions about Alberta.

How much does CBD oil costing Alberta?

The price of CBD oil greatly depends on the potency of the product itself. That said, the prices can range from as low as $25 for smaller bottles (around 25ml) and go up to $90 or more for highly potent CBD oils.

Is CBD oil legal in Alberta?

Yes, CBD has been legal in Alberta since Cannabis legalization in Canada in the fall of 2018. This now means that all adults can access CBD oil.

Are prescriptions for CBD needed in Alberta?

No, all adults can buy CBD in Alberta without a prescription. It has been this way since cannabis legalization in the fall of 2018. There still is a medical cannabis program in Canada for those who require it. In these cases, any Canadian with a medical authorization can purchase CBD.

Is CBD Oil available at Walgreens?

No, not in Canadian Walgreens locations. The American counterparts do sell CBD oil, so it is easy to see why you may be wondering this. Only licensed sellers of cannabis can sell CBD in retail locations in Canada.

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Top CBD Products in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, but the province is so much more than the one city. Thoroughout the entire province, with it’s western mountains and eastern prairies, Canadians love CBD. You can find all sorts of CBD products, although many of them may come from producers elsewhere in Canada, like BC. CBD oils are certainly the top pick, but more and more Albertans are discovering CBD capsules, vapes, creams, and even gummies.

5 Experiences not to Miss in Edmonton

Edmonton may not be as flashy as other cities in Canada, but it still has much to offer. After you’ve found the best CBD oil in the city, it is time to find the best experiences it has to offer. We have compiled a quick list to help get you started. Here are experiences not to miss in Edmonton.

West Edmonton Mall

Certainly the largest mall in Canada, the West Edmonton Mall is also one of the biggest in in the world. Inside you’ll find stores, of course, but also a hotel, movie theatre, aquarium, ice rink, and more. Yes, there is more, including Galaxyland (amusement park) and the World Waterpark. What more can we say? This place is fun for the whole family for days and days.

Muttart Conservatory

With four pyramid-shaped hothouses, you’ll find all sorts of rare and exotic plants. Each with a different biome inside, you’ll find an incredibly variety of plant life. This is the premier horticultural facility in Edmonton. Check the attraction website before visiting, they will be closed for renovations until the start of 2021).

Royal Alberta Museum

Located in a new building as of 2018, the Royal Alberta Museum is now Western Canada’s largest museum. Packed with interesting cultural and natural exhibits, time is well spent inside. The cultural history departments are the place to go for aboriginal cultures and artifacts. Finally, we can’t forget the impressive collection of dinosaur fossils. We can thank the ancient Canadian swamps that preserved these incredible bone structures.

Alberta Legislature Building

Built in 1913, this Legislature building has stood the test of time since then. The locals call this building ‘the Ledge’ which is a particularly badass name for this imposing building. The best way to explore is through guided tours, but just walking around outside is remarkable. Certainly don’t miss the great park surrounding the building.

Art Gallery of Alberta

Found in Sir Winston Churchill Square, this twisting modern building has quite the design. With over 6,000 pieces of artwork, along with rotating exhibits, there is plenty of see inside as well. There are a variety of tour options as well as educational programs for all ages.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best CBD oil in Edmonton has never been easier. We have provided you with all the details you need while visiting this capital city of Alberta. With the most commonly asked questions answered, we hope you have all the information you need to know before visiting.